BK Global Webinar – Setting up Consumer Seminars/Webinars that WORK!

Attentions Bankruptcy Specialists!
We will conduct a live webinar on Thursday 11/4/2021 at 2:00PM Eastern to share and review a consumer webinar/seminar for you to use in your local marketplace. 

Now that we are entering a new phase in the post COVID-19 economy, consumers have more questions than ever. 
The slide deck will be available to you to personalize and edit as desired. The webinar on 11/4 is for agents/brokers (not consumers) but we will review the slides in detail and answer any questions along the way. 
Most importantly, we will address how to generate audiences for your webinars in your own “acre of diamonds” using proven no cost methods. 
What we’ll cover:

  • Discuss post COVID-19 economics for sellers and buyers!
  • How to “Go Vertical” with your sphere of influence
  • Assembling your “team” for maximum effectiveness
  • Review Consumer Seminar/Webinar slide deck and speaker notes
  • Where to download this for your use

We are hearing lots of success stories and look forward to adding this to your marketing arsenal!